Daughters leaving the Alamo

For 107 years, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas had been the sole caretakers of the Alamo, Texas’ most cherished shrine and No. 1 tourist attraction.

That changed in 2011 when, after charges of mismanagement, the old mission was placed under the General Land Office with the DRT still managing daily operations.

Former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson put an emphasis on marketing, fundraising and helping to make the Alamo an exhibition destination by bringing in blockbuster exhibits.

Now new Land Commissioner George P. Bush, citing 10 contractual violations by the DRT, has announced that the land office is cutting ties with the historic women’s organization. The effective severance date is July 10. In the intervening time, the state will seek to contract with a new management company and request proposals for a strategic plan for the Alamo grounds.

The separation is probably best for all entities involved.

Still, Texans owe the Daughters sincere gratitude for all the work they put into the Alamo over the years with little help from state government sources.