Ban on powdered alcohol?

Fort Worth state Rep. Charlie Geren aims to protect Texans from themselves.

Last week, he filed House Bill 1018 to preemptively make palcohol, or powdered alcohol, illegal in the Lone Star State.

He cited potential abuse of the product and pointed to bans in five other states.

“I don’t know why we need powdered alcohol,” Geren added. “We have plenty of alcohol as it is.”

It’s true there is no shortage of liquor in Texas. But that’s not a good reason to ban a new product from the marketplace.

His concerns over potential misuse are understandable but largely unfounded. It would be only nominally easier to sneak the powder into a venue that banned alcohol, for example, and there’s little indication it would increase under-aged access to alcohol.

The palcohol website says it “has so many positive uses in medicine, energy, the military, industry, recreation, etc.” It’s a safe bet that the average consumer’s most likely use will be for the latter.

The state would be able to regulate palcohol sales and should do so stringently.