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Gun-rights bills endangered by Open Carry’s misfires

Protesters at an Arlington Open Carry march in April.
Protesters at an Arlington Open Carry march in April. WFAA.com

Texas never met a gun-rights bill it didn’t like.

But if one actually fails to pass the Legislature this session, the author of the state’s 1995 handgun permit law knows why.

A bill to allow Texans to pack pistols without a permit won’t pass “because of the Tarrant County open-carry group’s obnoxious behavior,” former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson warned by email Tuesday.

Earlier Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said a different bill allowing open carry with a permit “does not reach to the level of prioritizing” before adjournment June 1.

Basically, Patterson said, that bill might have a chance if Open Carry Tarrant County stays home.

Patrick’s comment will “stir up a lot of folks,” Patterson wrote, adding: “I hope these folks don’t make another scene.”

Patterson, 68, went on Facebook earlier to lecture open-carry activist Kory Watkins, 31, after the group went to Austin, menaced lawmakers and refused to leave an office.

Patterson called that “foolish.” Watkins’ comment: “Shame on you.”

Patterson wants the Legislature to pass bills allowing open carry and carrying at public colleges, both with a permit.

Since he worked hard for permits, he likes them.

Watkins is aligned with a Republican faction that sees the U.S. Constitution as God-inspired and the sole gun law, allowing legal gun owners to carry anytime.

In a Facebook video Tuesday, he said: “My Creator gave me the right to bear arms.”

Watkins added: “I'm coming to [Patrick's] office Thursday. Tell them to get the panic buttons ready.” His group started a separate Facebook page vowing to “hunt [opponents] down” and make them “leave Texas.”

State Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, filed the bill Patrick described as endangered.

“There’s a lot of Second Amendment bills. It’s too early to guess which will pass,” Estes said Tuesday.

If God gave us guns, who gave us the Texas Legislature?

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