Bud Kennedy

Close encounters of the Bass Hall kind

An unexplained light envelops conductor Jack Everly at the Sept. 4 concert at Bass Hall.
An unexplained light envelops conductor Jack Everly at the Sept. 4 concert at Bass Hall. Star-Telegram

The Fort Worth Symphony’s “sci-fi” concert this month was definitely out of this world.

A Star-Telegram photo tweeted from the Sept. 4 concert shows an unexplained beam of light surrounding guest conductor Jack Everly during the night of Star Wars and Star Trek music.

I was so impressed when I saw that special effect on Twitter, I bought tickets the next night. Costumed “aliens” strolled the Bass Hall lobby, and sure enough, during the Star Trek medley, two small but bright lights flickered and darted together above the symphony like watchful eyes.

I wrote symphony executive Amy Adkins to congratulate her on the eerie glow. (The two mysterious lights returned and hovered in place over stage right, as if part of the show, during the score from the 1951 alien-invasion movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.)

Adkins had no idea what I meant.

“Definitely not a part of the show,” she replied.

She asked around. Nobody knew.

Joyce Marshall, the 31-year Star-Telegram photographer who took the first-night photo, joked on Twitter that the symphony was being conducted by a hologram. And after all, it was “Force Friday,” the day merchandise arrived for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I didn’t see that bright lighting on the second night. And Marshall never saw two lights moving in tandem.

But, she emailed, “There were some weird lights.”

She was shooting from inside the glass sound booth with a smartphone and, for fun, the Hipstamatic app. Stephanie Allmon, an assistant managing editor, was along and also saw the beam-me-up light.

“Somehow,” Marshall wrote, “just the right light, angle, moment happened.”

With Star Trek: The Next Generation star Jonathan Frakes narrating, I thought it was all part of a flashy symphony concert.

Now I’m not sure who or what was really the star of the show.

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