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Cussing complaint gets Alvarado police an earful

The Alvarado police took down a Facebook page after posting a long comment critcizing a Burleson youth coach.
The Alvarado police took down a Facebook page after posting a long comment critcizing a Burleson youth coach. Facebook.com

Cranky tirades are almost as common on social media as cute beagle pictures.

Rarely, however, do they come from police.

That’s why it was so unusual Tuesday when the Alvarado Police Department issued the kind of all-capital-letters rant on Facebook that usually gets the rest of us unfriended.

Police revised it all day, then abruptly deleted it along with both city and police Facebook and Twitter pages after complaints.

“Warning, language may not be suitable for everyone,” the comment began, defending a police captain after KTVT/Channel 11 reported how in February an Alvarado officer came out of the crowd of visitors at a youth basketball game in Burleson to stop and warn the Burleson coach not to use a mildly vulgar word.

The coach turned back to the game and away from the officer, who was in street clothes with Alvarado fans. Burleson police checked out the incident and took no action.

Yet weeks later, Alvarado police Capt. Gary Melson filed his own criminal case, accusing coach Jessica Curs of “evading arrest.”

Eventually, according to KTVT, Curs wound up jailed, but her record was cleared Tuesday when County Attorney Bill Moore dropped the case.

If Alvarado police started their social media pages for public comment, they hauled in a bumper crop.

After the news report, the department’s Facebook page posted a six-page missive calling the TV station unethical, maliciously accusing Curs of a “history of questionable behavior” and blaming “the environment she thrives in.”

About three pages deep, after the capital letters about “PUBLIC ORDER AND DECENCY,” the sermon reached a crescendo with a stern warning not to cuss or use bad words.

“The example and message that you should and can yell profanities … is sickening,” the Alvarado police instructed.

“This incident should be a sobering reminder.”

If anything, it’s a sobering reminder to taxpayers that every petty criminal case wastes $2,000 in city and county resources.

By day’s end, the speech was gone, along with the entire page and more than 200 complaints.

Surely Alvarado police have more important work than being the bad-word monitor at Burleson youth events or issuing parenting advice on Facebook.

Police didn’t respond to emails late Tuesday. But they’d said plenty.

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