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Texas sees enemies everywhere, from U.S. troops to preschoolers

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Senate is lagging behind the performance of predecessor David Dewhurst, right in 2012 photo.
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Senate is lagging behind the performance of predecessor David Dewhurst, right in 2012 photo. AP

Texas’ governor just told the state Guard to keep an eye on the U.S. military.

What really worries me about that is, he’s one of our normal leaders.

With 34 days until fish-or-cut-bait time on June 1, the Legislature doesn’t have both oars in the water.

According to an analysis by the Professional Advocacy Association of Texas, the Senate has moved 28 percent fewer bills to the floor than last session. Its output is down 42 percent.

In other words, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is accomplishing less than David Dewhurst.

That was one of the reasons given for the seismic event last week in Austin tagged by Texas Monthly as the “Breakfast Blow-Up.”

Stung when Patrick’s Tea Party advisers published a letter under an official seal labeling pre-K education “Godless” and “socialistic,” Gov. Greg Abbott erupted to say that early childhood education is still No. 1 on his to-do list.

In his inaugural address, Abbott called pre-K “my first emergency item.”

So no doubt he was surprised to see Patrick’s advisory committee publish a diatribe like something from the 1950s-era John Birch Society.

Signed by 17 Tea Party leaders, including Julie McCarty of the Grapevine-based NE Tarrant Tea Party, the letter denounced pre-K as a “threat” to families and said preschool “removes our young children from homes … to a Godless environment.”

A primary author of the letter, Tea Party education activist Bill Hussey of the Llano Tea Party, is no longer on the committee, a Patrick spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Hussey declined comment.

Committee Chairwoman JoAnn Fleming of Tyler did not return a call.

But I did notice that her Tea Party group’s guest speaker Friday is a Big Sandy author who spoke last visit about Texas “leaving the Union” to form a “Christian nation.”

In 2012, author Mark Vogl also said that Texas “won’t even have to fight back” and that U.S. forces will “get tired and go home.”

We’re about to test that.

In a stroke of casting genius straight from Hollywood, Texas will portray hostile territory starting July 15 in a two-month, 17-city U.S. Special Operations Command drill.

Special-ops teams will practice parachuting into Texas unnoticed.

Abbott ordered the Texas State Guard on Tuesday to take notice and report details to “ensure that Texas communities remain safe, secure and informed.”

We won’t be safe until June 1.

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