Bud Kennedy

Sixty years of Bob Schieffer stories, and hoping for more

From the Bob Schieffer file:

1955: “The Horned Frog Community Summer Theater’s Sabrina Fair … cast includes Bob Schieffer.”

1956: “Cast members for The Happy Time … include John Hillerman and Bob Schieffer.”

1960: “KXOL newsman Bob Schieffer, now an Air Force lieutenant, is home on Christmas leave.”

1963, by new Star-Telegram reporter Bob Schieffer: “Texas has its own assortment of weird laws. … Wearing a mask in the house carries a penalty of 1 to 10 years behind bars.”

Nov. 25, 1963, by Bob Schieffer: “DALLAS: City Manager Elgin Crull said a ‘breakdown in security’ caused the death of Lee Harvey Oswald.”

1965: “The Star-Telegram is sending one of its writers to Viet Nam. … Schieffer, an aggressive, skilled member of our reporting staff … Just 28, he has earned his spurs.”

1966: “Schieffer … changed to the WBAP-TV news staff.”

1967: “Patricia Penrose … and Bob Lloyd Schieffer were married at 5 p.m. Saturday in Ridglea Presbyterian Church.”

1968: “Schieffer, the popular Channel 5 newscaster, leaves WBAP-TV Christmas Day for the 10 p.m. news in Washington.”

1969: “Schieffer got a new job with CBS News.”

1972: “Schieffer learned that he and three colleagues won Emmys … [the night] his brother Tom polled the most votes for the state legislature.”

1975: “Asked who will anchor the Sunday CBS Evening News, Schieffer said he suspected it might be a female correspondent. Wrong. The appointment goes to Schieffer.”

1987: “Schieffer was in town. … A couple hailed him on the street and said they remembered him. ‘By the way,’ one added, ‘what have you been doing since you left Channel 5?’”

1991: “Schieffer was named moderator of Face the Nation. … He will continue to anchor the Saturday CBS Evening News, which means he won’t get much sleep on weekends.”

1996: “Schieffer retired as the most durable news anchor in history, the 20-year host of the Saturday CBS Evening News. … Pat said, ‘He’ll play more golf now. We’ll go to dinner.’”

2002, The Dallas Morning News: “[George] Carlin remembered Fort Worth and working in 1959 at KXOL. ‘Believe it or not, one of my newsmen was Bob Schieffer.’”

2005: “Texas Christian University will name its journalism program the Schieffer School. … Two days later, he’ll become interim anchor of the CBS Evening News.”

2005, looking back to Nov. 22, 1963: “[Oswald’s] mother, Marguerite, called asking if anyone could take her to Dallas. ‘Lady,’ Schieffer said, ‘this is not a taxi, and besides, the president has been shot.’ She replied, ‘I know. They think my son is the one who shot him.’ … Schieffer and auto editor Bill Foster drove her.”

2005: “‘I think 70 is a nice age to retire,’” Schieffer said, saying he will step down in 2007.”

2006: “Schieffer’s joyride ends tonight, when the kid from River Oaks signs off as anchor of the CBS Evening News with ratings up. … [He] first saw TV as a teenager, in a store window next to The Original Mexican Restaurant.”

2012: “[Schieffer will] moderate the last debate. … In 2008, with Obama debating John McCain, Reuters wrote that Schieffer ‘dug, and pressed, and wouldn’t let the candidates off the hook easily.’”

Wednesday: “‘I wanted this to be the place, and I wanted all of you to be the first to know: This summer I am going to retire. I am especially indebted to the Star-Telegram.’”

We feel the same way about Bob.

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