This week, we all are Astros

The Houston Astros celebrates after their win of Game 5 World Series Sunday.
The Houston Astros celebrates after their win of Game 5 World Series Sunday. AP

When tragedy beset Texas’ southeastern coast this summer in the form of Hurricane Harvey, a natural disaster of historic proportions, the people of Fort Worth and its surrounding cities rallied behind those in need.

This week we, again, are supporting our fellow Texans, only this time for a much happier reason: baseball.

We are deep into the 2017 World Series and the Houston Astros are giving the Los Angeles Dodgers a run for their money in what might be the most exciting series in years.

You need not be an avid baseball fan to appreciate the frenzy caused by game after game of edge-of-your-seat extra innings, the back-to-back home runs, and the unforgettable celebrations every night.

And you need not be a Texan to appreciate how badly this kind of feel-good moment was needed for the people of a devastated and beleaguered Houston.

When they are not snarled in political controversy, sporting events are a great unifier, connecting people of different ages, genders, races and socioeconomic status in a way few other activities do.

Simple though it sounds, our shared loved of a sports team can supplant our divisions — despite the efforts of some to create a tumult from the dugout.

This is especially true in the aftermath of tragedy or hardship, when rallying behind our home team can help us transcend many of the day-to-day burdens and make us feel whole again.

Think of how support for the New Orleans Saints and the New York Yankees swelled after Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.

In those national moments of adversity, support for the respective cities’ teams extended well beyond their city limits.

We were all Yankees after 9/11; all Saints after Katrina. The same is true this year. This week, we are all Astros.

The Dodgers are doing their part in keeping the Series a nailbiter.

While meaning no offense to the team, any of its fans or part-owner and Fort Worth resident Bobby Patton, we would love to see the Astros win this one.

The Astros currently lead the series 3-2 and we can all tune in on Halloween to see if Houston takes it home.

We are #HoustonStrong.