Living on ‘Texas time’?

“Texas Time” might make for a great country song, but so do a lot of other things that you wouldn’t want to try in real life.

State Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton, is pushing House Bill 150, which would set Texas up with its own time zone by opting out of the Uniform Time Act of 1966. That’s the federal law by which most states alternate in unison between standard time and daylight saving time.

Who wouldn’t like to avoid the awkwardness of “losing” an hour in the spring and “gaining” an hour in the fall?

“Texans are tired of having to change their clocks,” Flynn said at a committee hearing on the bill Wednesday.

Flynn says the state should chose either standard time or daylight saving time and stick with it. And folks out in El Paso would join the rest of the state in central time rather than their current mountain time.

But committee members got tied in knots over which time would be best for the state. They were confused, like people from other states would be if Texas set itself up as a time island. The Legislature has more important things to do.