Video emerges of shiny ‘UFO’ hovering above Keller

A video recently published by a blog tracking UFO sighting reports in Texas and elsewhere claims to show a strange, shiny object appearing over Keller.

The unnamed video shooter told Jane Kyle, aka “UFOJane,” at Texas UFO Sightings that she shot the video on Nov. 19 near sunset.

“Pretty peculiar,” Kyle says in the video.

The object, which is rectangular or cigar-shaped and either emits or reflects bright light, appears to hover in the same spot for the duration of the video.

Kyle says the witness told her she thought it was a cloud at first, but then noticed it was reflective.

Kyle says the witness “thought she was going crazy” because the object hovered in place for about 20 minutes.

She said she hadn’t received any other videos or photos of that particular sighting, but added, “I’ve seen similar videos and photos from recent months and years.” She cited similar events in Brownsville in 2016 and El Paso last August.

Keller police and the National Weather Service said they didn’t receive any reports of unusual objects in the sky that night.

“Many have commented on the video to suggest it could be a plane or blimp reflecting the sunset,” Kyle said. “However, considering that the witness observed the UFO for 20 minutes, I find that unlikely.”

Kyle said she can’t find any blimp flights scheduled for Nov. 19, but “I’m still looking.”

She said she believes UFOs are real and that there’s “compelling evidence” of alien visitation, but said of the Keller video, “I lean toward blaming nature over aliens for this sighting.” She said she’s seen similar videos captured during sunset.

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Stephen English covers breaking news for the Star-Telegram. He attended Texas Wesleyan University and has lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than 30 years.