Man follows woman from casino, steals $20,000 of her winnings, Oklahoma police say

A man was arrested in Texas on Tuesday after he robbed a woman about to deposit thousands in casino winnings at an Oklahoma credit union last month, police say.

On Sept. 26, a woman won $46,283.20 at Riverwind Casino in Norman, KWTV reported. Her luck changed when police say Damon Redd spotted her inside and kept a close watch as she made her way from the casino to her car.

Redd followed the woman as she drove from Riverwind to a credit union in nearby Midwest City, according to the outlet. Midwest City is roughly 24 miles from Riverwind.

When she parked, police say Redd tapped on the woman’s window and asked to use her cellphone charger before reaching into her car and grabbing the two envelopes full of cash, according to KOCO.

The woman says Redd told her that he had a gun, KWTV reported.

After grabbing the cash, Redd made a break for it, but the woman chased him to his car where she wrestled one of the envelopes — of more than $20,000 — out of his hands, KFOR reported.

Redd began to drive off with the woman hanging halfway out of his car window, police say. She hit the pavement, but was uninjured.

“Our victim got out of her car and chased the suspect to his car, wrestling with him,” Police Chief Brandon Clabes told KOCO. “She was able to retrieve one of the envelopes of cash, and she also got the suspect’s phone.”

Nearly a month after the incident, Redd was arrested in Dallas, Texas, and transferred to the Oklahoma County Jail in Oklahoma, KFOR reported. He’s charged with first-degree robbery and robbery with fear of immediate harm.

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