Their guns drawn, cops find home invasion suspect — with four legs, Texas video shows

The body cam video shows an officer in front of the home, a large window broken in. “We got the house surrounded, come on out,” he shouts as he calls for backup.

When more police show up, they line up with guns drawn go in through the broken window. “Police! Let me see your hands!” Officers enter and start searching the East Texas house. But a deer can’t exactly stick ‘em up, even in Texas.

Going around the corner to a bedroom, an officer found the culprit, the body cam video shows. “It’s a deer! It’s a deer!” he shouts to the other officers searching the home.

“Several officers arrived and formed an entry team. After entering through the broken window, the lead officer rounded a corner and came face to face with one very frightened doe,” the Lufkin Police Department posted on Facebook June 5.

“Following several minutes of ‘deer wrangling’ with kitchen chairs, officers shooed the doe out the front door. No animals or officers were seriously injured in the incident (less a few minor cuts from the glass),” the department said.

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