This is the emotional letter the Baylor victim wrote about the man she says raped her

Donna Doe wrote a victim impact letter to the judge before he accepted the plea deal granting Jacob Anderson, her accused rapist, no jail time.
Donna Doe wrote a victim impact letter to the judge before he accepted the plea deal granting Jacob Anderson, her accused rapist, no jail time.

On Monday, a McLennon County judge accepted a plea deal that gave a former Baylor fraternity president accused of rape no jail time.

The plea deal for Jacob Walter Anderson, accepted by State District Judge Ralph Strother on Monday, includes a recommended three years of deferred adjudication probation, a $400 fine and psychological, alcohol and substance abuse counseling.

Donna Doe said she was a sophomore when Jacob Anderson raped her multiple times at a frat party.

This is her victim impact letter pleading with Judge Strother not to accept the plea deal offered to Anderson.

Caution: The statement contains graphic descriptions of violence.

November 22, 2018

The Honorable Judge Strothers

Mclennan County Courthouse

Waco, Texas

Subject: Texas vs Jacob Walter Anderson: Donna Doe victim impact letter asking the judge to

deny the plea bargain


Dear Judge Strothers,

Thank you for reading my letter and taking the time to understand the reality and facts of this

case against Jacob Walter Anderson before you make a decision on a plea bargain to set free

the man who raped me and ruined my life.

On February 21, 2016 when I was a 19 year old, Sophomore at Baylor University, Jacob Walter

Anderson took me to a secluded area behind a tent and proceeded to violently and repeatedly

rape me. He repeatedly raped me orally and vaginaly while choking me, gagging me and

physically forcing my body into positions so he could continue to rape me. I had no control over

my body and no way to stop him. (please see my original written police statement) When I

collapsed on the ground he pulled down his pants and shoved his penis in my mouth and down

my throat gagging me. When he forcefully picked me up and shoved me into a wall to rape me

vaginally from behind he calmly and coldly said “It’s fine. You’re fine” When I tried to pull up my

pants or sit he shoved me to the ground and shoved his penis back down my throat and

continued to choke me. When he forced me up again and started to rape me vaginally again I

blacked out permanently. When I was completely unconscious he dumped me face down in the

dirt and left me there to die. He had taken what he wanted, had proven his power over my

body. He then walked home and went to bed without a second thought to the ravaged, half

dead woman he had left behind.

When I regained consciousness I did not know where I was. I was lying in the grass and dirt

and something sticky was on my face. As I continued to throw up I realized I had been vomiting

and aspirating while I was unconscious. My friends immediately took me to the hospital and a

SANE exam verified the rape. I had trauma and tearing and grass inside my vagina. I was

treated for HIV and many STDs and told to take plan B. I had to get labs done two more times

over the next year to make sure I do not have HIV or STDs. Everytime is stressful, wondering if

I might still die as a result of being raped. The police arrived and took a report.

The SANE exam feels like you are being raped all over again and is very traumatic. I did not

want to take the plan B, because I thought it was an abortion pill and I am Roman Catholic and

believe abortion is a sin. This was just another horrifying event on top of the rape and assault.

It also was a reminder that this rapist, Jacob Anderson had stolen something very valuable, in

fact priceless from me...my virginity! I will not be able to come to my future husband innocent

and untouched. I had saved myself for my wedding night and Jacob Anderson stole that from


The details of the last 2 years and 10 months of my life are horrible and sad. The many doctor

appointments, sessions with therapists and psychiatrists, the anxiety attacks, nightmares and

suicidal thoughts are too many to list. Every day I have to deal with words or events that trigger

memories or anxiety attacks. Some days I had to call my mother who would talk to me for an

hour or more before I could function again. There have been many days when I just wanted to

end it all and did not want to live. I will summarize by saying I became suicidal and although my

mother came to Texas to live with me, I finally had to leave Baylor and go live at home. The

constant fear and anxiety was overwhelming. Seeing him in my community and having a

private detective stalking me took me over the edge. I am on medication and have been to

many therapists and psychiatrists. I still live at home and have not been able to move out on my

own yet.

From the beginning Prosecutor Hilary Laborde told us the following things:

1. I have more evidence in this case then any rape case I have tried before. He will definately

be convicted, it’s just a matter of his punishment. Just go up and tell your story. This case is

cut and dry and he will be convicted.

2. Only 1% of rape victims have this level of trauma and tearing and this is very good medical

evidence to prove the rape.

3. Someone from Baylor Law school who I know, called me and said he has seen Jacob

Anderson at bars feeding girls drinks and acting sexually inappropriate. So much so that it

made him very uncomfortable and he felt the need to call and tell me.

4. I’m pretty sure he’s done this before. I’m really worried he’s going to do it again.

5. This is not his first time. Rapists work up to this kind of violence. The more they get away

with it the more they do.

6. He had porn on his phone. Violent acts like what he did to you.

7. I think they were trying to see if I would let him plea to some lesser offense as a way of

getting the case closed. I SAID NO. I think they wanted more time once they saw the

opportunity to get it. (It was my office’s mistake) Sadly, I’ve had defense attorneys play much

dirtier than this. Ultimately, I think the delay will help the case.

Ms. Laborde offered the first plea to Jacob Anderson before she had read the Title IX report or

any of the witness statements. We found out when my mother came in with my brother to give

his statement. We were so angry and felt so betrayed. Jacob Anderson declined the plea

which included 10 years of probation and registering as a sex offender. She PROMISED she

would not offer another plea. We found out about this current plea by reading about it in the

Waco Tribune.

Throughout the years she kept telling us the defense gets to pick to the date and they had not

done so. Then they kept delaying or were not available. Then when we finally had a date, April

16, 2018, and witnesses had all been subpoenaed, she let the defense delay it again.

Apparently, she never sent them the Title IX report that everyone, including the defense, has

had access to since August of 2016 when Baylor sent everyone involved a PERPA letter. They

already had over two years to prepare for trial.

It took six months just to get the DA to respond to my original request for a restraining order. I

filled out the forms the day after the rape. When Anderson was arrested, the DA never

bothered to enter his bond restrictions into the system, so when he appeared in my housing

community and I called the police they had no record of his arrest or the bond limitations and

could not protect me. The defense had hired a private investigator to follow me, stalk me and

intimidate me. There was no one protecting me.

The continued fear has been so great that I was unable to return to Waco to walk in my

graduation ceremony. Another dream stolen from me. I have not returned to Waco. On

December 10, 2018, I will summon my courage and return to Waco to hear your decision.

This plea is so hard to believe and I can’t understand where it even came from. After losing a

case, Ms. Laborde says she decided she could not win a rape case until he rapes multiple

victims. She decided that the previously thought great medical evidence of trauma and tearing

would just be attributed to my virginity. She thought my actions were similar to the victim in the

case she lost. This is not true in the slightest. I did not go home with Jacob Anderson and fall

asleep on his couch and wake up in his bed. I was repeatedly raped behind a tent and left

unconscious to die! Being drunk is no excuse to rape a women. She’s apparently so worried

that Jacob Anderson will rape more girls that she feels it’s more important to put him into

counseling rather than prison. This makes no sense. (please see Hilary Laborde’s letter to me)

“if he’s just found not guilty, there will be no reason to think his conduct will be

different the next time he’s in a bar and finds a woman who can’t defend herself.”

Hilary Laborde

The current DA Abel Reyna has never spoken to any of us and has not been involved in this

case. His response in the media to the plea is that if he can’t prove the drink (toxic everclear

punch) had an additional drug in it then he won’t bother to try the case. Well I would like to

remind Mr.Reyna that RAPE is a crime! RAPE is a felony crime! It does not matter one bit if

there was an extra drug in my drink. I was intoxicated and incapacitated and sedated from

whatever was in that punch and did not consent to having Jacob Anderson physically assault

me, choke me, orally and vaginally rape me repeatedly until he almost killed me! A grand jury

indicted Jacob Anderson on four counts of sexual assault punishable with up to 20 years of

prison per count and now the DA is letting him go completely free and have his record

completely wiped clean! This is an absolute tragedy. What will they tell the next victim when

she questions why she did not know Jacob Anderson was a sex offender? How does she think

the girls in his current College classes feel knowing they could have been his next victim?

By the Grace of God I am alive today to fight this injustice. One breath either way and Jacob

Walter Anderson would be on trial for murder. I am writing this letter to hold the DA accountable

to do their job and seek justice. To hold Jacob Anderson accountable for his crimes. He raped

me. He almost killed me. A grand jury indicted him on four counts of sexual assault, not

unlawful restraint.

Many women are terrified to report rape. The rape ruins your life and the reporting of rape ruins

your life. It has affected everyone around me. My friends, my family and even people who do

not know what is going on, because I have changed. I am no longer the person they once knew.

I have gone years without being able to socialize. I have to take baby steps everyday to heal

and function as I did before the rape. My entire family has been affected. My mother has had

to handle most of the legal issues in addition to taking care of me. It has deeply and negatively

affected her physically and emotionally. She has been the wall protecting me and has absorbed

so much to protect me from further harm. My father has been so supportive of my recovery and

has to deal daily with the fact that the man who raped and nearly killed his daughter is roaming

around free.

I wonder if other women in Waco will report their rapes if Jacob Anderson gets this plea? Why

would they bother? I reported this rape immediately. I immediately identified the rapist as

Jacob Anderson. I immediately went to the hospital. I gave a police report to the Waco Police.

I gave a report to the Baylor police. I gave a report to Title IX. I suffered through a months long

Title IX investigation. I had to repeat the facts and relive that night over and over again so that

the justice system could do their job. I put my faith in the Mclennan County DA office and they

betrayed me. It’s like a knife in my gut.

A grand jury indicted Jacob Walter Anderson on four counts of sexual assault. The evidence

has not changed since then. He still raped me and left me to die. Nothing has changed accept

the confidence of an ADA who doesn’t want to risk her win loss record, or a DA who is on his

way out and doesn’t care anymore. What else could possible have instigated this horrible plea

deal? It is a very sad state of affairs when the prosecutor is now just another attorney for the


Who is left to stand up for me, the rape victim? Who is left to stand up for truth and justice?

There is no reason why this case should not go to trial. I would like this case to go to trial. The

evidence should be heard. Witnesses should be heard. A judge and jury of his peers should

decide if he is innocent or guilty and then and only then should he be sentenced and have to

register as a sex offender.

Thank you for reading my letter and thank you for considering how Jacob Anderson raping me

has affected my life and the life of my family and friends.


Donna Doe

Sexual violence is a social and public health problem in the U.S. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey says nearly 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men experienced sexual violence victimization other than rape at some point in their lives.

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