Keep the money, Bank of America says after Texas ATM gave away $100 bills

A long line of cars at the Bank of America ATM in Harris County that was spitting out $100 bills instead of $20s
A long line of cars at the Bank of America ATM in Harris County that was spitting out $100 bills instead of $20s Video screenshot

Note: This story was updated on Nov. 27, 2018, at 6:51 a.m., with a statement from Bank of America.

It was the kind of glitch that no one complains about.

For about two hours late Sunday night into Monday morning, an ATM near Houston was spitting out $100 bills instead of $20s to people who withdrew cash, according to KTRK

The call went out over social media late Sunday night, that the Bank of America ATM near F.M. 1960 and Interstate 45 was giving away “free money,” KPRC reported.

And now, Bank of America says in a statement, everyone lucky enough to have capitalized on what the company is calling a “vendor error” can keep their free money.

“This was an incident at a single ATM in Houston caused when a vendor incorrectly loaded $100 bills in place of $10 bills,” the statement read. “We have resolved the matter. Customers will be able to keep the additional money dispensed.”

That error meant that for every $10 requested by the customer, a $100 bill was dispensed by the machine.

A line of cars quickly formed, and several arguments and fights among the crowd that gathered at the ATM machine were reported, according to Spring Happenings.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived in the shopping center parking lot at around 1 a.m. Monday, KPRC reported, and the crowd quickly scattered.

The ATM glitch was reported to Bank of America, and the machine was temporarily shut down, according to KHOU.

It remained unclear how much cash was taken during all the excitement.

Police are looking for two suspects who stole a truck and smashed it into a Family Dollar storefront located in the town of North, South Carolina. The suspects were trying to detach the ATM from the floor.

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