Mom was on the way to vote when ‘racist’ Texas driver told her to ‘get out,’ video shows

The man in the car next to Janet Sabriu cackled after telling her that she was ugly, and needed a gay friend to help her “with makeup and clothes.”

Sabriu was recording on her smartphone at the stoplight at the intersection of Westview Drive and Wirt Road in Houston. Her 2-year-old daughter was in a car seat in the back, the video shows.

The man, who has not been identified, began ranting at the woman in a traffic dispute before the confrontation got political, then personal.

“That’s not how we drive in America,” the man said from the driver’s seat of his Honda. “Trump’s deporting your illegal cousins today, b----.”

Sabriu, who goes by Janet Espejel on Facebook, posted the video on her profile after her trip to go vote on Thursday, according to KHOU. By Monday morning, the video had been viewed more than 3.4 million times on Facebook and shared more than 51,000 times.

“It’s my country. Get out,” the man said later in the heated exchange. He originally complained that Sabriu was “driving in two lanes.”

Sabriu is a citizen of the U.S., originally from Mexico, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“It’s not OK, racists,” Sabriu told KHOU. “It’s not OK [to allow] bullying. We have to stop all of this hate, and the only way is respecting everybody, every human being.”

She also told the station that she filed a police report with the Houston Police Department, and wants an apology from the man.