‘Nettie’ the giraffe just had a baby. Got a good name for him?

“Nettie” the giraffe just gave birth to her third baby calf at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. And it’s a boy.

“He’s cute as a button,” giraffe caretaker Molly Shea told the staff after the event. He joins siblings “Demitri” and “Nyla,” who’ll be frolicking with the other giraffes in the wildlife center’s 220-acre Game Preserve pasture.

The little fellow was born at 4:34 p.m. on July 20 two-and-half hours after Nettie went into labor. He was standing to nurse within two hours after birth, Shea said.

He came into the world without nearly the fanfare or drama of April the giraffe, whose pregnancy and delivery last year captivated more than a million internet viewers.

As for Nettie, “She’s handling everything like an experienced champ,” Shea said in a news release.

It’s the fifth offspring for proud papa “Mosi” since he arrived from the El Paso Zoo in 2014, the wildlife center said. The new calf brings the total number of giraffes in the herd to a dozen.

Now he needs a name. “We don’t have anything locked in yet,” said Tye Chandler, marketing associate.

Ned? Mosito?

If you’ve got a suggestion, post it on the wildlife center’s Facebook page. That’s where the chosen name will be announced.

Tom Uhler: 817-390-7662, @tomuh