She stabbed a police dog in both eyes — but the K-9 was back at work the same day, Texas cops say

Abigail Martinez, 23, was arrested Monday after stabbing a police dog under each eye with an eyebrow trimmer, say police in Baytown, Texas.
Abigail Martinez, 23, was arrested Monday after stabbing a police dog under each eye with an eyebrow trimmer, say police in Baytown, Texas.

“We don’t deserve dogs,” has become a popular saying on social media.

But one K-9 officer in Texas is proving that true, even in moments that aren’t so warm and fuzzy.

Officers in Baytown, Texas, about 25 miles east of Houston, were serving a felony drug warrant at a travel trailer in the 100 block of South Flamingo Bright Street Monday afternoon, according to a news release posted on Facebook. They were looking for a suspect named Abigail Martinez, 23, and two people standing outside the trailer told police she was inside.

Officers commanded her to come outside, but got no response, the release states. When they went in the trailer’s unlocked front door, they found Martinez’ uncle, Felipe Martinez, laying on a couch.

Police detained Felipe Martinez while officers continued to search for Abigail, according to the release. She had hidden herself in a back bedroom and did not respond to the officers’ commands, or even to her uncle’s pleas to come out, police say.

“X” the K-9 officer and his handler, Baytown Police Cpl. Jeremy Stevens Baytown Police Department

That’s when police say they warned Abigail Martinez that they would deploy a K-9 unit if she continued to refuse their orders. The police dog on the team serving the warrant is named “X,” according to KPRC.

“They’re just like any of our uniform-wearing brothers and sisters,” Paytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris told the station. “They have a job to do. They serve a purpose, a role in our organization and a lot of organizations around the country. Their life is just as valuable as ours.”

When they got no response from Abigail again, that’s when “X” went to work. He “quickly located the suspect hiding under several blankets and pillows” in the back bedroom, according to the release.

But she had armed herself with a pair of hard plastic eyebrow trimmers, “approximately 5 inches in length,” police say. When officers unleashed the dog, police say she struck back with the eyebrow trimmers, stabbing the dog right below each eye.

While officers took Abigail Martinez into custody, his handler, Cpl. Jeremy Stevens, noticed puncture wounds under each eye. “X” was treated at a local veterinarian’s office and was back on the job later the same day, according to the Houston Chronicle, training for the next time his handler gives him the command to engage a potentially dangerous suspect.

Felipe Martinez, 40, was jailed by Baytown police after the incident for outstanding traffic warrants. Baytown Police Department

Abigail Martinez was arrested on the felony drug warrant and was charged with an additional count of interference with a police service dog, which is a state jail felony in Texas. She remained in Harris County Jail Wednesday, with no bail, according to jail records.

Felipe Martinez was arrested on outstanding local traffic warrants and was taken to Baytown Jail, the release states.

Stevens, an 18-year veteran at the Baytown Police Department, and “X” were named the “Top Patrol Dog Team,” at a February training competition in Alabama, according to a separate news release.