She was drunk at her kid's school play, kicked a cop then flooded the jail, Texas police say

Christy Ann Churchwell, 35, is accused of assaulting an officer and filing a false report or alarm
Christy Ann Churchwell, 35, is accused of assaulting an officer and filing a false report or alarm

A Houston-area woman caused a drunken disturbance at her child's middle-school play before attacking a police officer and, eventually, flooding the city jail, police say.

Other parents and attendees of the play at Friendswood Junior High School Thursday night complained that Christy Ann Churchwell, 35, was loud and drunk while her child was performing, according to KTRK. Friendswood is about 20 miles southeast of Houston in Galveston County.

A police officer asked Churchwell to step outside. She apparently required help to walk to the back of the auditorium.

The officer immediately noticed a strong smell of alcohol on her breath and that she was unsteady on her feet, according to a weekly jail blotter update on the City of Friendswood Facebook page.

Police say once outside, "Churchwell balled up her fists and aggressively advanced toward an officer." When they placed her under arrest for suspicion of public intoxication, they found one full 75ml bottle of vodka in her purse, and seven empties.

As she was being led from the police cruiser to the city jail, she kicked an officer in the leg, the Houston Chronicle reported. That, police say, led to an additional charge of assaulting a peace officer.

But she wasn't done yet.

After Churchwell was booked into the city jail, just before 8:45 p.m., police say she purposefully set off the sprinkler alarm in her jail cell, which caused flooding, set off the fire alarm and prompted an emergency response. Police say it also caused some damage throughout the station.

For that, police tacked on two more charges: criminal mischief and false alarm.

Her bond was set at $7,500, according to KHOU.

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