Severed heads of auburn-haired women make Texas, Louisiana cases 'similar,' investigators say

The composite sketch of the victim, based on an anthropological profile, whose head was found on March 24 near Lake Houston in Texas.
The composite sketch of the victim, based on an anthropological profile, whose head was found on March 24 near Lake Houston in Texas.

Authorities in Texas and Louisiana are investigating possible connections between the morbid discoveries of severed heads near two lakes 150 miles apart.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Cameron Parish Sheriff's Office investigator Jake McCain and Houston Police Department homicide investigator Michael Perez have both acknowledged the similarities in the cases, in particular the victim profiles, and have agreed to update each other on the cases.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences released a composite sketch on April 5 of the woman whose head was found in a black bag by volunteers near Lake Houston on March 24. Authorities believe the woman was white or Hispanic, early adult or middle-aged and had reddish-brown or auburn hair with 3 to 4 inches of brown roots.

The bag was found along FM 1960 East in Huffman on some rocks.

According to KTRK, Houston police are seeking a man in his early to mid 20s with short, dark brown hair and long bangs that went across his face, who stands 5-feet-4 to 5-feet-8 and who was seen in the area driving a teal Chevrolet Siverado extended cab pickup in the area that day.

Lake Houston and the Louisiana marsh town of Hackberry sit 150 miles from each other, but authorities are probing possible connections between severed heads found near both. Google Maps

The victim in the Louisiana case, in which a head was found in a grocery bag by a member of a prison road clean-up crew on March 1, according to KLFY, was also a woman's. Investigators there believe the victim is white with auburn or brown hair, and 25-40 years old.

A prisoner found the grocery bag containing the head in a grassy marsh along Louisiana 27, a little over two miles from Sabine National Wildlife Park. The site is also about a mile south of a community of RV parks in the town of Hackberry.

It all adds up to a pair of investigations that sound "real similar," Perez told the Chronicle.

In the Houston case, authorities hope to glean more information from the victim's dental records, since investigators told the newspaper that the teeth appeared to be in good condition. However, in the Louisiana case, Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson told KLFY that "the victim has had extensive dental work done."

No one has been arrested in either case.

The head was found over the weekend. Police believe the gruesome murders may be drug-related.