He's been arrested 41 times in one Texas county. His latest ended in a SWAT standoff

Tyler Bridgewater, 30, was arrested for the 41st time in the same Texas county early Saturday morning.
Tyler Bridgewater, 30, was arrested for the 41st time in the same Texas county early Saturday morning.

Tyler Ray Bridgewater's history with authorities in Taylor County, Texas, dates back to 2001, when he was 13 years old, according to court records.

His latest arrest came early Saturday morning in Abilene, following a three-hour standoff with a local SWAT team, according to a statement from Abilene Police Sgt. Kevin Ohnheiser.

It was Bridgewater's 41st arrest on record in the county. He's 30 years old.

Abilene police responded to the 2600 block of South 41st Street just after midnight Saturday after neighbors called in complaints of gunshots going off in the area, according to the statement. According to his latest arrest record, they responded to Bridgewater's home, where they say he barricaded himself after stealing a gun from a car in the neighborhood and firing it several times.

The local SWAT team was called in after Bridgewater refused to come out of the home willingly, police say. Nearly three hours later, he was arrested, and booked for the 41st time into the Taylor County Jail.

He faces charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, theft of a firearm and discharging a firearm in an unauthorized area, according to jail records. The first two are felony offenses.

Tyler Ray Bridgewater's booking photo for a 2005 arrest in Taylor County, Texas Taylor County Sheriff's Office

Bridgewater has been convicted 16 times from those 41 arrests, with some of the arrests being the result of probation violations following prior convictions, according to court records. Five of those 16 have been felony convictions in Taylor County, including for felony drug possession, unauthorized use of a vehicle, two theft convictions, and a previous conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

He's also been convicted of three DWIs, all stemming from arrests in a nine-month span from November 2008 through August 2009.

The sentencing and probationary periods connected with some of his offenses overlap with newer charges several times on his criminal record in Taylor County. For example, Bridgewater was most recently convicted for resisting arrest, and sentenced to 90 days in county jail on Feb. 23.

Just 58 days after that sentence came down, the investigation into his latest arrest was still ongoing Saturday morning, according to KTAB.

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