'She is survived by her flock': Family pens obituary for their pet chicken, Big Mama

Big Mama, 6, passed this weekend in College Station.
Big Mama, 6, passed this weekend in College Station. Facebook

It was with sadness that a family in College Station recently paid tribute to their beloved Big Mama, with a paid obituary in the local newspaper.

Big Mama was 6 years old. She was the Sword family’s pet chicken, but now the Rhode Island red has been outfitted with a pair of angel wings. She passed Sunday.

“Not many chickens deserve an obituary, but she does,” the obituary read.

It was published in The Eagle, and it glowed over Big Mama, who has “made it to the other side.”

Stephanie Sword — along with her husband and their two sons — adopted Big Mama in 2013, after she was nearly euthanized by a family that raised her alone in a Houston apartment. But the veterinarian they went to convinced the family to relinquish rights to the bird so Big Mama could be adopted.

The Swords stepped up.

Big Mama “joined us in College Station shortly thereafter, and soon discovered how beautiful life could be walking in the grass, being a member of a flock and having 24-7 love,” the obituary read.

She curled up in her favorite spot in the Swords’ coop on Sunday, went to sleep and did not wake up.

But Big Mama will live on.

“We never expected the type of response we’ve received since the obituary was published. It’s been phenomenal,” Sword told KBTX. “We’re just hoping that the story of Big Mama will remind others that every life, even that of a chicken, is valuable and worth saving.”

The iconic College Station bar the Dixie Chicken tweeted Tuesday that it plans to frame Big Mama’s obituary and hang it up as a memorial.

Big Mama is survived by Stephanie Sword and her husband, Gregory, and their two sons. The obituary also listed several feathered and furrier survivors — members of her flock: Bubbles, Runt, Ms. S, Funky, Lucky and Blondie.

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