Late notice: West woman tries to clear grandpa’s ticket from 1960


The front side of the ticket says the offense is for one headlight.
The front side of the ticket says the offense is for one headlight.

“Paw Paw” can return to West again.

Last week, West Police Chief Darryl Barton wrote he received an out-of-the-blue message on Facebook from resident Renae Thornton. She said her grandfather, Delbert Kyle, had received a ticket in the ‘60s while going through the Central Texas town, and he wasn’t sure if it ever was paid.

“Well now, let me see, late fees, court cost, fail to appear charges, hmmmmm, this could get expensive. Sure, come on over, let’s talk about this. JUST KIDDING, I told her ‘no worries’ I would be very interested in seeing this piece of history,” Barton wrote on the department’s Facebook page.

After getting a closer look, Barton noticed the date April 27, 1960, and a violation of only one headlight working.

The back had the words “No Drivers License” and the mayor of West’s signature.

Barton did some digging, but their records didn’t date back that far.

He called West Municipal Judge David Pareya, who remembers the officer on the ticket.

After closer inspection, with the mayor’s signature on the back, they cleared “Paw Paw.”

“So there you go Delbert, you can now come to West with no worries,” Barton wrote. “Look forward to seeing you. Oh, but be sure your headlight works.”


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