Reports: Houston mom let exotic pets roam freely around daughter

Trisha Meyer
Trisha Meyer Nye County Sheriff’s Office

She’s not your typical tiger mom.

A Houston woman was jailed last week after she allegedly endangered her 14-year-old daughter by letting exotic pets — including tigers — roam freely through the family home. She is also accused of scamming a California man out of an exotic kitten, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Trisha Meyer, 34, allegedly promised to sell an exotic Savannah kitten to the man from California in August for $3,000, according to court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle. After receiving the money, Meyer eventually stopped answering her phone.

About a month later, local animal authorities were called to the house and immediately saw three tiger cubs and skunk walking around in the house, and Meyer’s daughter petting them. Other animals included a large male tiger, several monkeys, a cougar and a fox, and Meyer admitted to officers that the animals could be dangerous, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Meyer — who homeschools her children — faces felony charges for theft and endangering a child. She fled to Las Vegas with her animals and was finally arrested Nov. 7 to Pahrump, Nevada, her former hometown.

Officials told the Associated Press that Meyer had tiger permits, and the other animals were taken to a shelter.

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