Neighbors complain, but Carrollton cop enjoys wedding dance practice

When Carrollton police were called out to a noise complaint last month, the responding officer sounded unsure as he approached the home on Josey Lane.

Several men were standing in the dark next to a car with an open door.

“Are y’all having like a party or something?” the officer asked, his bodycam capturing the scene. No, replied one of the men, David Opegbemi. They were having “dance practice.”

As the officer learned, Opegbemi and his friends were planning a dance for his upcoming wedding.

“Would you like to see some of it?” one man asked.

“Yeah, I kind of would actually,” the officer said.

So for the next two minutes, the officer — with his bodycam rolling — watched as the men shuffled in unison to The Temptations’ hit song, “My Girl.”

“See, mine was nothing like that,” the officer said, laughing.

He then shook Opegbemi’s hand and congratulated him on the wedding.

“I know we probably look suspicious to everyone,” Opegbemi said.

“No, it was just the noise, but I mean, that’s not that loud,” the officer said.

Opegbemi commented on the experience on WFAA’s Facebook page:

“We are so thankful that we had understanding officers approach us (yes, officers were called out 3 times). Our intent was never to disturb the peace. We are just a group of young black educated men who were having a good time and bonding while at dance practice. It's sad that we had the police called on us, but that's our world. We understand that we might be perceived as danger, but we hope this shows something positive and that a group of black men at night is not always a threat.”

Opegbemi and his friends, apparently, were pleased with their performance at the wedding. They passed along a copy of the finished product to WFAA: