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Sick of red light cameras? So is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

A 2015 campaign sign to turn off red light cameras in Arlington.
A 2015 campaign sign to turn off red light cameras in Arlington. Star-Telegram

Those who favor getting rid of all red light cameras in Texas may have found a powerful ally.

Gov. Greg Abbott over the weekend posted on his Twitter account “More & more I think it’s time to do away with Red-Light cameras in Texas.”

The governor’s social media take on the issue came a couple of days after the Star-Telegram’s Anna Tinsley reported that red light cameras actually cause an increase in accidents at some intersections. The story was based on a study at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. (Abbott’s tweet provided a link to a story on the same study by the Denton Record Chronicle.)

Arlington has already unplugged the cameras in its city, and there is an effort to do away with the devices in Fort Worth as well.

Opponents of red light cameras say they will push for a statewide ban during the legislative session that begins in January.

The main arguments are that the cameras are unconstitutional because they accuse a motorist of a violation without a human witness, and that they are little more than money-making machines for cities.

But many people support the cameras. Among them is Fort Worth City Manager David Cooke, who argues that the cameras “serve a purpose in making intersections safer.”

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