Photobomber flashing breast ruins a special family memory, Texas woman says

What was supposed to be a nice family memory turned out to be an X-rated photo, a Texas woman says.

Monica Davila had been planning a family trip to Garner State Park in Texas for quite some time, she told McClatchy. She hoped to recreate a family photo that had been taken in front of the park’s sign several years before.

“One of the guys in the photo has a photo of all his kids when they were little in front of the Garner State Park sign,” she said. “I’ve always wanted my family to have the photo in front of the sign. I don’t have a lot of pictures of me growing up. It’s always been very important to me to keep these memories.”

Monica Davila

Davila said she specifically chose Garner State Park because of its family-friendliness — the children on the trip were ages 18, 13 and 5.

“We chose a very clean family-friendly trip,” she said. “I didn’t take my kids to Mardi Gras, I took them to Garner State Park.”

When they arrived at the sign, Davila asked a group of women standing nearby if one of them would take her family’s photo. She said the women seemed to be there with their families. When the women declined, one of the men in the group offered to snap their picture. Davila said the man took a few pictures then handed back the camera.

When Davila was scrolling through the photos Monday morning, she was shocked by what she saw.

“I was like, you have to be kidding me,” she told McClatchy. “I feel like that was completely inappropriate.”

One of the photos the man had taken shows a woman standing behind the family raising her tank top and exposing her left breast. A child is sitting on top of the sign and seems to be looking down directly at the woman.

Davila posted a censored version of the photo to Facebook.

“I’m not trying to press charges or make her a registered sex offender,” she told McClatchy. “I just want her to know that her actions weren’t funny and weren’t cool.”

Since posting the photo online, Davila said she’s received mixed feedback. She says much of the support she’s received has been from other mothers, while others have said she should crop the woman out and be done with it. Davila says she thinks there’s a larger issue at hand.

“If we all just crop the photo and move on, when are people going to be held accountable for their actions?” she said.

Davila says the photobomber was a middle-aged woman and should know better. While her actions didn’t ruin the family’s trip, Davila says she hopes the woman will see the photo of herself on social media and have second thoughts about her actions.

“She should know better than that,” Davila said. “This is just as bad as someone doing this at Disney. It’s not Spring Break ‘97, it’s a family-type event.”

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