Foster kids recall caretaker’s daughter zip-tying them to bed as discipline, Okla. cops say

Tiara Kruta, 21, was arrested and released on bond after two foster kids in the care of her mother accused Kruta of abusing them.
Tiara Kruta, 21, was arrested and released on bond after two foster kids in the care of her mother accused Kruta of abusing them.

Three brothers in Oklahoma say their foster mom’s daughter zip-tied them to a bed as punishment, and gave them just one meal of potted meat per day when they were bad, according to court documents in the case against 21-year-old Tiara Kruta.

Kruta was arrested on Sunday, facing three counts of child abuse, then was released from Oklahoma County Jail Monday after posting $30,000 in bond, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s spokesman Mark Opgrande told McClatchy.

The boys are 9, 11 and 12, according to the Oklahoman. The youngest did not exhibit the same apparent injuries as his two brothers.

Kruta’s mother, who spoke to KWTV on the condition that the station would not identify her, says the alleged abuse never happened.

“Kids are her life. She wants to protect kids that are like them,” Kruta’s mother told the station. “These boys have unfortunately been damaged by their biological parents.”

Now it’s up to the Oklahoma County District Attorney to decide whether the state believes Kruta left the boys with physical scratches, cuts and scars, though. No formal charges have been filed yet in the case, Opgrande said.

One of the brothers ran away from the home twice on Sunday, and told police Kruta hurt him, according to a probable cause affidavit for Kruta’s arrest. He had scratches police believe to be from fingernails on his face and neck, and told police that Kruta punishes his two brothers by zip-tying them to their bed, the affidavit says.

One of the other two boys had scaring on his wrists, and both old scars and new cuts on his ankles police believe were caused by “a thin object,” like zip ties, the affidavit states.

The eldest boy told police that when they get in trouble, Kruta feeds them only once per day, a meal of potted meat, according to the affidavit.

A cut zip tie was found on the ground of the home the boys lived in, but Kruta’s mom told police it was there because of some recent renovation done a the house, KFOR reported.

After Kruta’s arrest, the brothers were placed in the care of state Health Services officials.

“From what they tell me, they will be separated,” their foster mother said, according to KWTV.

A South Mississippi mother received a call from a Department of Human Services caseworker that her children who are in custody of the state may have been sexually abused at their foster home. Gulfport Police say they were unable to find a suspect.