'I think she just died:' He called 911 days after using 'everything' to beat wife, Wash. deputies say

Sheriff's deputies arrested Stuart Sullivan after investigating a homicide in Collins Lake.
Sheriff's deputies arrested Stuart Sullivan after investigating a homicide in Collins Lake. Mason County Sheriff's Office

Stuart Sullivan called 911 just after midnight Wednesday, when his wife succumbed to the injuries he inflicted on her a few days earlier, Washington authorities said.

“I beat the hell out of her a couple of days ago, and I think she just died,” Sullivan, 56, told the dispatcher, KOMO reported. He told the operator he beat her with “everything, I suppose,” the news station reported.

“She got beat up bad,” Sullivan said on the call, KOIN reported.

Officers found Donna Sullivan dead in the Collins Lake home she’d recently moved into with Stuart, KATU reported. Deputies tried to save her life, but she was declared dead shortly after crews arrived, according to the news station.

A probable cause document says Donna had bruises on her face and body, including a baseball-sized bruise on her face, and two black eyes, KOIN reported. The days-old bruises seemed to be consistent with Sullivan’s statements, the news station said. Authorities said she’d apparently died a slow death, per KATU.

Deputies took Sullivan into custody at the scene, according to the Mason County Sheriff's Office. He was charged with first-degree murder for what prosecutors called his “extreme indifference to human life,” according to KOMO.

“Based on how brutally Donna was beaten by Stuart by his own admission to a 911 operator. Stuart already demonstrated his lack of compassion and care for his wife, I believe he would be capable of as much, if not more, to a stranger,” a deputy said, according to KATU.

The couple had moved into the area a few months ago from Vancouver, Washington, KOMO reported.

Sullivan remains jailed on $500,000 bail, KATU said.

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