'Her arm was like hamburger': Cops shoot pit bulls after they maul Oklahoma woman

Warning: The video associated with this article is graphic and might be disturbing to some viewers.

Oklahoma City resident Terri Cosby remained in intensive care Thursday after four pit bulls mauled her in a neighborhood on the northeast side of town Saturday.

According to KOCO, Cosby's right arm has been amputated above the elbow, and she might lose a leg as well.

Oklahoma City police released bodycam footage Wednesday of officers' response to the attack.

Cosby's image, as she lay in a yard in the 700 block of Northeast 29th Street, is blurred in the video because of the graphic nature of her injuries. She can be heard groaning in response to an officer's pleas for her to "talk to me."

Cosby, 54, was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition after police responded to a frantic 911 call from neighbors at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Terri Cosby, 54, is in intensive care in Oklahoma after four pit bulls mauled her. Beverly Golden Courtesy

"They've been chewing on her for 40 [expletive] minutes," one witness tells police in the video.

KFOR reported that the pit bulls also killed a neighbor's Chihuahua and bit a second person, who was treated at the scene for non-life-threatening injuries. Despite all her injuries, Cosby's family says if anyone can make it through such an attack, it's Terri.

"She's strong," her sister Beverly Golden told the station. "The doctors said her arm was like hamburger meat. They couldn't save it. They couldn't reattach it."

The video also shows officers firing at one of the dogs. It takes 13 shots before the pit bull finally lies still.

Police told KOCO they shot three of the four dogs involved in the attack, killing two of them. The fourth dog was captured.

They are also investigating the nature of the aggressive dogs' escape from a nearby yard, and whether the dogs' owners will face charges.

"Although there hasn't been an arrest made, the investigation is still ongoing, so that is certainly a strong possibility," Master Sgt. Gary Knight, an Oklahoma City police spokesman, told McClatchy.

The attack on Cosby comes a little over a year after 82-year-old Cecille Short was killed by two pit bulls while walking her dog on the northwest side of Oklahoma City, according to the Oklahoman. Her dog also was killed.

Cosby's friends and family have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the medical costs associated with what is expected to be a long stay in the hospital. As of Thursday morning it had raised almost $6,000 of its $250,000 goal.