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TCU ‘superhero,’ Micah Ahern, dies after battle with cancer

Micah Ahern, TCU baseball’s boy mascot and 7-year-old cancer patient, has died, according to social media posts Thursday by his family.

“Wish I wasn’t posting this but trying to rest in the truth that Micah isn’t suffering anymore,” Michah’s parents, Maurice and Linda Ahern, wrote Thursday night on Facebook and Twitter. “Micah is no longer suffering. He is healed and whole. I praise God for that. Now we all are left here to mourn the loss of The Great Superhero.”

Micah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a deadly form of cancer that attacks small children, in 2010. He’s undergone more than 10 operations, including an experimental proton treatment that the family hoped would halt the spread of the disease.

But the new therapy didn’t work. In a sad post on the family’s site, Linda Ahern wrote in June, “Micah’s cancer has progressed. He will no longer be doing the antibody and chemo therapy. Micah will be going on hospice soon. He will be enjoying his remaining days with his family.”

Micah was TCU’s baseball team’s teammate, superhero and friend since 2013. In June, during the College World Series, TCU players wore the Micah logo, a letter “M” inside a Superman-like shield, on their caps and T-shirts.

“We lost a teammate today,” said TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle on Twitter Thursday night. “But Heaven gained, not just an Angel, but a Warrior! Micah will always be a part of us.”

TCU players prayed for Micah during their College World Series run and dedicated their play to him, saying he inspired them.

“He’s the toughest 7-year-old I’ve ever seen,” said catcher Evan Skoug last month. “They say that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. And we’ve seen that’s true with Micah.”

This report includes material from the Star-Telegram archives.

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