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Slightly cooler temperatures in store for Father’s Day in North Texas

Temperatures cool down just slightly for Father’s Day in North Texas
Temperatures cool down just slightly for Father’s Day in North Texas Courtesy

It’s a great day to take Dad outside as temperatures should cool down just slightly this afternoon.

As the high humidity levels begin to decrease, the heat index temperatures do as well, according to forecasters.

Today’s high is 94 and for the first time in days, the heat index may not exceed 100 degrees.

The air will be a little drier today so it will feel a little cooler relative to the last few days, meteorologist Juan Hernandez said Sunday.

The average first 100-degree day is July 1st in North Texas. The earliest the area has ever seen a 100-degree day was March 9 in 1909 and there have been two years in history without ever hitting that 100 mark, in 1975 and 1906.

It seems we’re right on par for that first 100-degree day to be July 1 this year although it could happen sooner, Hernandez said with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

Yesterday, MedStar reported five heat-related calls by 6 p.m., four of which were treated on scene, one that was transported to the hospital.

It’s easy to forget how hot North Texas can get during the day so remember to stay hydrated and cool as temperatures rise this summer.

If you plan to spend time outside, make sure to bring plenty of water and find a shady spot to rest. Never, even for a few minutes, leave a child or a pet inside a hot car.

Although the morning and early afternoon should be mostly sunny, there is a 20 percent chance for thunderstorms later this afternoon.

If rain does appear, it will be isolated and brief, but is unlikely to ruin any Father’s Day plans, Hernandez said.

As summer officially arrives Monday, there is another slight chance for thunderstorms. The high will be right around 93 again with the heat index not quite reaching 100.

The humidity should decrease significantly this week making it feel slightly less hot outside while daily high temperatures hover in the mid 90s.

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