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Fort Worth man accused of ‘teaching’ sex to son, daughter

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A 10-year-old girl and her 9-year-old brother testified Tuesday that their father and mother taught them how to have sex.

The father, Michael, has been charged with sexual assault of a child. Testimony in his trial began Tuesday.

The daughter testified that he told her he did not like the way children learn about sex in class.

The son said his father and mother had sex in front of him. Then the boy would be asked to duplicate his father’s movements.

“Me, Mom and Dad were in the same room,” the boy said. “They were teaching me how to have sex.”

The Star-Telegram is identifying the defendant only as Michael, his first name. The newspaper typically does not identify accusers in sexual assault cases, and using the father’s full name might identify the children.

The son told the jury that his mother and father no longer live together. The couple’s divorce, filed in June 2014, is pending in a Tarrant County court.

“It’s kind of sad,” the boy said. “I don’t get to see my mom and dad at the same time I don’t get to talk to [my mother] on the phone anymore.”

The sexual assaults occurred in 2013 and 2014, according to testimony.

Both children testified that their parents asked them not to say anything to anyone or else the parents would get in trouble.

The boy and girl and two siblings are living with their maternal grandmother and have received therapy, said prosecutor Elizabeth Kamber, who is presenting the state’s case with Andrea Risinger.

Authorities confiscated three vibrators and one massager that were used in the “lessons” with the girl, according to her testimony. But her DNA was not found on any of the devices, officials said.

Michael’s attorney, Rustin Brunson, said in his opening statement that the children had been coached.

“The reason you are here is because a divorced woman wanted to live with another man and wanted her children to lie about her husband,” Brunson said.

The wife is in jail and her trial is pending.

Testimony in Michael’s trial is expected to continue Wednesday in state District Judge David Hagerman’s court.

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