Fort Worth

Cat tortured at Fort Worth cemetery in stable condition

A cat that was burned and stabbed at a Fort Worth cemetery, possibly as part of a religious ritual or sacrifice, was in stable but grave condition Tuesday, one of his caregivers said.

Firefighters and police found the cat, now named Po, fighting for its life Sunday at Harrison Cemetery in Fort Worth, WFAA reported.

Police assisted firefighters after the original report of smoke in the cemetery.

Ben Morris, director of private shelter Animal Hope in south Fort Worth, said Po’s tail is dead, and skin will slough off of many parts of his body if he recovers.

Animal control was first called to determine whether the cat was alive, and then it was taken to Animal Hope, where stab wounds were discovered.

“He’s still got a pretty grave prognosis,” Morris said. “He’s got some really, really, really bad injuries.”

Police found a small fire, candles, a knife and other small items along with the cat in front of a headstone at the cemetery. WFAA saw cash, latex gloves, cigars, a crucifix and peppers at the site as well.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

Star-Telegram staff writer Judy Wiley contributed to this report.

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