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Saginaw police kill man who went on wild rampage

Saginaw police investigate the crime scene where a man was shot by an officer Saturday night on Old Decatur Road.
Saginaw police investigate the crime scene where a man was shot by an officer Saturday night on Old Decatur Road. WFAA

A man who attacked two police officers and several homeowners in a residential neighborhood Saturday night was reportedly running up and down the street “making growling sounds” before he was fatally shot by police, Saginaw police spokesman Sgt. Damon Ing said Sunday.

The man, identified as Michael Brown, 25, died of a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s website Sunday.

Police were not sure whether Brown lived in the neighborhood, or what prompted his unusual behavior.

“One of the main factors that will come into play is the toxicology report, especially given what the witnesses said about the way he was acting,” Ing said.

The incident began in the 700 block of Meadowdale Drive about 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

Brittany Rose, 31, said her fiance woke her up after he heard screams for help. He watched a man covered in blood cross their front lawn, and start trying to break into Rose’s car, parked in the driveway. After failing to get into the car, the man moved to the front door.

Her fiance put her gun in her hands, and called 911.

“He was trying to get into the house,” Rose said. “There was blood on the inside of the door. My door is dented in. There was blood on the handle of the glass door where he was trying to get in.”

Rose was one of a handful of neighbors who said they were startled by Brown after they saw him assaulting a female on a front lawn. The screams for help woke up Rose’s fiance and brought out an elderly couple to investigate.

When the elderly man stepped out of his house Brown struck him in the face and threw him to the ground, Ing said. He then threw the wife to the ground and started beating her up.

“The little 70-year-old lady who lives right here was facedown in the grass. She had a gash across her head, her nose was broken, her whole face was covered in blood, her eyes were swollen and black and blue,” Rose said. “She was laying down and pouring blood.”

Rose called 911 for an ambulance, and got a cold compress for her neighbor.

Ing said the elderly woman was in the intensive care unit of a local hospital Sunday night.

Brown ran from Meadowdale Drive onto Old Decatur Road and then came in contact with police while running along the middle of the road.

“That’s when our first officer encountered him and he started attacking the officer, causing serious bodily injury and a concussion,” Ing said.

Two people who were driving along the road stopped and tried to help the officer when Brown started attacking them, causing minor injuries, he said.

Afterward he started “running around again” and another officer was attacked and suffered a “possible torn ligament” in his right wrist, bruises and lacerations on his whole body, Ing said.

That officer shot the suspect.

Police didn’t know what weapon the suspect wielded, if any. Investigators were still processing the evidence Sunday, and trying to locate any video surveillance of the incident.

Brown was pronounced dead at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth at 10:42 p.m.

Ing said the officers have Tasers, but he is not sure whether they had time to use them.

Both officers were taken to a hospital for treatment, and released by Sunday, Ing said. He is not sure when they will be back to work. One officer is on administrative leave, normal procedure as police investigate the shooting.

Police were withholding the names of the officers, described only as department veterans.

“We’re shocked by this,” Ing said. “We have had Saginaw officers injured through the years, but anything of this scope — it’s really been a long time. It’s something that affects all of our families and our community.”

Staff writer Monica S. Nagy contributed to this report.

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