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Former XTO landman sentenced to federal prison, $1 million restitution

One of XTO’s buildings in downtown Fort Worth.
One of XTO’s buildings in downtown Fort Worth. Star-Telegram archives

A former XTO Energy employee was sentenced Thursday to more than five years in prison and ordered to pay $1 million in restitution for oil and gas mail fraud, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

Steven E. Fisackerly, 33, of Spring, worked in XTO’s Fort Worth offices as a landman from September 2008 to March 2012. He admitted to defrauding the company for two of those years by generating bogus oil and gas leases and documents, according to a news release.

Fisackerly pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud in May. He must surrender to the federal Bureau of Prisons on Jan. 4.

Landmen are responsible for surface and mineral land-related matters in their assigned areas. They draft, negotiate and administer oil and gas leases, purchase and sale agreements and other oil and gas exploration documents for their assigned areas, the news release said.

They have access to XTO computer systems that track costs related to oil and gas bonus payments.

Fisackerly, who was assigned to Marcellus Shale wells in West Virginia, used a legitimate landowner oil and gas lease packet, and altered it to show that it was owned by someone else with the initials E.C., according to court documents filed in the Northern District of Texas.

He then prepared and organized the faulty gas lease documentation under E.C.’s name and routed it to XTO management for approval of a bonus check for $180,402, the court document states.

The money went to E.C., who wrote personal checks totaling $130,000 to Fisackerly, and kept the rest, according to a factual resume filed on May 27.

The documents do not name the person who issued him the checks or what happened to him.

Fisackerly also created a bogus West Virginia company called Parallel Interests, LLC, in September 2010 using LegalZoom.

He opened a Bank of America account in Fort Worth in December 2010 for Parallel Interests, LLC. With the new sham company, Fisackerly created fraudulent oil and gas leases and lease packets and executed them with a forged notary stamp, according to court documents.

He created fake deeds and Harrison County Clerk reference numbers for supporting documentation, and gave XTO a nonexistent post office box mailing address for his bonus checks.

After obtaining management approvals, he routed the lease packets to XTO’s Land Department, which issued bonus checks for Parallel Interests, LLC, routed to Fisackerly.

He deposited those checks into his Bank of America account. XTO issued him checks in nine fraudulent transactions totaling $1,005,131.

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