Fort Worth

Naked man arrested in downtown Fort Worth

A naked man was arrested Sunday evening after he walked around downtown Fort Worth and vandalized vehicles, police said Monday.

The arrest was captured on video by Victor Cares of Arlington and posted late Sunday on Facebook, attracting more than 85,000 viewers as of Monday afternoon.

Cares, who works as a parking valet in downtown Fort Worth, said Monday that he was walking along 3rd Street when he saw the man.

“Nope, first time,” Cares said when asked if he had ever seen a naked person in downtown Fort Worth. “He walked down the street breaking wipers from car windows.”

The man observed Cares and cursed at him, he said. Cares walked away from the man, but he pulled out his cellphone and started recording.

On the video, the man is seen walking in the middle of the street naked except for socks. He walks over to a car and damages a side mirror. Five officers and two security officials arrive on the scene and subdue the suspect with Tasers.

Bike officers initially responded Sunday evening to a report of a naked man at East 3rd Street and Calhoun Street.

Police identified the suspect as Alfredo Carrasco III, 32, of Fort Worth. He was in the Fort Worth Jail Monday, facing charges of criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

“Five cars had their side mirrors broken off and another had a rear wiper torn off,” said Officer Daniel Segura in a Monday email.

Carrasco has a criminal history in Tarrant County. Since 2002, the Fort Worth man has been arrested 10 times, according to Tarrant County criminal court records.

“I wasn’t scared,” Cares said. “He can’t outrun me. I knew that.”

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