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Woman claiming to be police officer curses at teens to leave Fort Worth playground

A woman claiming to be a police officer used vulgar language and threatened to have young teens arrested at a Fort Worth park, according to the Fort Worth Police Department and a video taken by the teens.

The woman is not a Fort Worth officer, police said Thursday.

“We are actively investigating this incident for several potential criminal charges including Impersonating a Public Servant and Disorderly Conduct,” police said on social media. “We #ThankYou for all the tips & messages we received.”

Police responded to the scene shortly after 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Dream Park, which is centrally located at Trinity Park, 2001 University Drive..

A man who witnessed the incident told officers the woman had left the area when he told her that he was calling police.

Before police arrived, the witness told officers the woman was yelling and cursing at children, according to a police report.

WARNING: This video contains profanity

The police report also stated that the woman may have been intoxicated. Police say she may be a local resident.

The video posted on Twitter showed a teenager on playground equipment with a group of other young girls at the park about 3:40 p.m. Wednesday.

The woman walked up to a teen who was on a swing set, telling her to “stop now” because the playground was for children and they were not kids.

At some point, the woman screamed, “I’m a f------ PD.”

The woman continued to yell at the teens, saying they should read the signs and they were not “f------” children.

“I can have you arrested,” the woman says.

At the end, the woman again says, “Go now. Get out of here.”

Police said they had received numerous messages regarding the incident.

The video on Twitter had been viewed more than 2 million times as of Thursday morning. Many people have commented and tweeted about the incident with the hashtag #SwingSetSally and called for the woman to be charged with impersonating an officer.

Frank Kent’s Dream Park opened in April. It’s an inclusive park that accommodates children of all ages regardless of physical or mental challenges. The $3.1 million playground was privately funded through an effort that took nearly six years.

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