Fort Worth

Flooding, ‘waves’ of water damage homes, property in Fairmount, south Fort Worth

Several homes and streets flooded during heavy rainfall Saturday night, forcing at least one family to take shelter on their roof in south Fort Worth.

About 2.8 inches of rain drenched parts of Fort Worth, especially in the southern and eastern areas of the city, National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Godwin said.

Ibby Mays and her brother, mother and nephew climbed on their roof in the 1200 block of Harvey Street after water in their house reached above their ankles.

“It flooded our whole house, not just a particular area,” she said. “We had to get out. We didn’t know if it was going to get higher.”

Mays called 911, but the fire department could not reach them because the water in the street was so high. Another neighbor said the water reached the tops of cars.

As the rain continued, Mays and her family used a ladder to climb onto their roof, where they waited for the storm to end. On Sunday, she and her family started cleaning out their home, where Mays’ mother has lived for 49 years.

The flooding knocked over a fence in the backyard and dragged debris into the yard. A line of mud three feet up the side of the house marked where the water had reached.

“It literally looked like it was waves and gushes of water,” she said.

Mays said while the area has had flooding before, water had never gotten inside the house. She said the tops were popped off of sewer lines in the street.

“It was pretty tough, but we’re here, we’re safe. Just going to have to get our house back together,” she said.

Ray’s Corner Store in Fairmount also had severe flooding. The entire intersection of West Arlington Avenue and 8th Avenue was covered in several feet of water, and several videos showed multiple cars stuck in the high waters.

Arman Shivji said his store had several inches of water in it that poured in through both doors. Several people helped him clean up his store, which he and his wife have owned and operated for more than 25 years.

The Fort Worth Fire Department ran several water rescue calls Saturday evening, with most of the flooding taking place between South Riverside and Interstate 35, and between East Rosedale Street and Morningside.

Further south, near East Seminary Drive and Rolling Hills Park, wind damage was apparent. A tree taller than the surrounding apartment buildings had been knocked over at Ladera Palms Apartments, where it narrowly missed hitting buildings but crushed a fence.