Fort Worth

Goodfellow Fund hopes to help 12,000 children during the holidays. Here’s how to donate

The Goodfellow Fund guru asks Star-Telegram readers to “Think about the number 14,000 for a moment.”

Last Christmas, the charity that was born in 1912 and became an annual campaign to help kids get school clothes fell a little short of its $800,000 goal, but still fixed up 14,000 children with $50 gift cards, said Richard Greene, the fund’s executive director. “That is 14,000 children that in all likelihood, may have not had a holiday without the assistance of the Goodfellow Fund,” he said.

This year’s $750,000 goal is intended to serve 12,000 of Tarrant County’s school-age young’uns.

Greene said such organizations as the Exchange Club of Fort Worth — raising as much as $225,000 per peer-pressure party — and other charitable foundations, civic clubs, neighborhood associations, churches, and social-service agencies deserve a lot of praise for their faithful support of Goodfellows. He also hopes to see some legacy donors who missed last year return for Christmas 2018.

But the real love flows from the Star-Telegram’s community of readers. Not only do Tarrant County residents prove good fellowship with thousands of individual donations, but also, they pitch in about 2,700 hours of energy to help with logistics.

“My thanks to the volunteers,” Greene said. ”We absolutely could not provide this help without the more than 100 trained volunteers that will contribute thousands of hours conducting personal interviews with families to ensure each family is qualified according to Goodfellows requirements for residency, income and school-age children.”

The JC Penney gift cards they receive may be used only for clothes and shoes. But that’s what these kids need right now.

The interviews will run through Dec. 6. Donations begin now at, and will be accepted through June 30.