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This man put a Ted Cruz sign near the home of a Beto supporter. Here’s what happened

Steve Mitchell decided to have a little fun with politics recently.

The Fort Worth man decided to put out a yard sign supporting his choice for the U.S. Senate seat, Republican Ted Cruz.

But instead of putting it directly in front of his house, he decided to put it along the property line of his home, closer to his neighbor, Michel Bond, who supports Democrat Beto O’Rourke in that race.

“Michel and I have a great friendship and we give each other a hard time,” the 50-year-old chef said with a grin. “I knew that would get him.”

Instead of getting mad, as so many would these days, Bond chose to have a little fun himself.

He made his own sign, to put on his side of the property line, that said “I hate.”

Now, anyone who drives by sees the side-by-side signs delivering the message: “I hate” “Ted Cruz.”

“When I saw his sign, I was dying laughing,” Mitchell said.

Word quickly spread about the dueling yard signs, particularly after Mitchell put pictures of them on social media.

“So I put up my Ted Cruz sign on my side of the yard and my neighbor puts up his sign on his side of the yard,” Mitchell posted online. “This is awesome and (I) wish more people would agree to disagree and not take it so personal. I have a good friend and the best neighbor anyone could ask for.”

Several news outlets have written or aired stories about them as well.

As for Mitchell and Bond, the two chuckle about the people who drive by, take pictures of their signs and leave laughing.

As politics continues to spark heated political conversations — enough to make divisions in families and even end long-time friendships — they wish more people would echo their approach.

Bond does want to clarify that his sign isn’t completely accurate.

“I don’t hate Ted Cruz the man,” he said. “I hate his policies. But I’m not trying to spread any hate.”

People can disagree about politics and realize it’s OK and doesn’t have to impact personal relationships, the two men say.

“Life is short. You’ve got only so much time on this earth,” Mitchell said. “There are battles you need to fight.

“The sign, nothing on there is hurting me,” he said. “I”m old school, you know, sticks and stones ... ”

Early voting runs from Oct. 22-Nov. 2. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday.

For the record, Mitchell will support Cruz in the Nov. 6 election.

Bond will not.

Anna Tinsley: 817-390-7610, @annatinsley
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