Fort Worth

‘It is insanity,’ resident says after rain floods homes in Dallas-Fort Worth area

Stacie Mason said five feet of water had rushed into her house within minutes. The couch floated off the floor. Her 10-year-old daughter clung to the curtains, screaming she was going to die, and the family’s dinner was wiped from the counter tops.

Just as quickly as they arrived, the flood waters left, leaving behind ruined furniture, debris from other houses and a question — what now?

About 40 houses in Everman were damaged by flood waters Friday night as record-breaking rain drenched the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Emergency officials rescued people from rooftops and cars as up to five feet of water flooded the streets.

Craig Spencer, director of emergency management in Everman, said officials performed 35 rescues on Friday, 15 of which were for people trapped in cars in flood waters.

Spencer said they won’t know the extent of the damage until Monday or Tuesday, but they estimate about 100 people were impacted by the flooding.

One of the hardest-hit parts of town was Christie Avenue, a street which runs adjacent to a creek. As up to 5 inches of rain fell on the city, the creek overflowed, rushing into neighboring houses and lifting cars off the road.

One official said they used a cable running across the road to reach people on the tops of houses, rescue crews holding onto the wire as they waded through water up to their chests.

Luckily, Spencer said, it appears there were only minor injuries in the flood.

The recovery, however, will be slow.

Mason said her house was completely ruined. The floors and furniture were covered in mud and her items were in complete disarray.

“It’s a train wreck,” she said. “It’s insanity. (The water) leaves as fast as it comes and leaves a whirlwind of damage.”

She blames the damage on the clogged creek nearby, which she said floods often. She said the neighborhood used to be a park and water would run down into the creek. Now, the creek is jammed with debris and a cement block keeps water from flowing freely.

“We’ve begged everyone to do something. And they have done the least,” she said.

An emergency station was set up at Everman City Hall Annex for people who need help.

Red Cross and the city departments handed out food, water and clothes and offered shelter to people who need it. Spencer said most people, however, were just looking for guidance.

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