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The Saharan dust has returned. Why it may not be leaving anytime soon.

The nasty Saharan dust is back.

This time it might stick around even longer.

The same high pressure system that will cause North Texas to bake this week will keep the dust in place.

Until the weather pattern changes, the hazy skies will likely stick around, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dennis Cain.

“It’s trapped in the center of the high pressure system,” Cain said. “It’s not going to move one way or the other.”

The dust can cause issues for those with respiratory problems.

Monday’s Texas Air Quality forecast had air quality at moderate levels but it had not yet reached the unhealthy stage.

When the dust first appeared in late June, some individuals experienced problems.

Fort Worth allergist James Haden told the Star-Telegram in early July that it was important that patients take their medications before going outside.

“Dust of any kind in the air, whether from Africa or anywhere else, if present in sufficient quantity will cause nasal, eye and chest symptoms even in people who do not usually suffer from those problems,” Haden said. “If there are underlying allergies, the problems are just compounded.”

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