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Texans: Are your property values too high? Time is running out to protest

Planning to protest your property tax values?

Better hurry up.

The deadline locally to file a protest with the Tarrant Appraisal District is May 15, unless a different date is listed on your form.

The deadline is a lot earlier than it was in the past, due to a new state law passed last year.

Homeowners can protest their appraised value if they believe it's too high and they likely will find some relief.

Last year, there were more than 137,000 protests filed in Tarrant County.

To file a protest, fill out the form you received in the mail. Just make sure it's postmarked by May 15.

You also can file the same protest online at

Another option is checking out the automated system on the TAD website that may offer a lower value, or approve one you propose.

A final option is to call TAD to talk to appraisers and negotiate a lower home value.

"They have the ability to negotiate," Tarrant Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Jeff Law has told the Star-Telegram. "In all situations, we are appraising properties on a mass appraisal approach.

"We may not know all the characteristics of a person's property," he said. "In talking with property owners, we may find out there's damage to the house or issues with the property that could impact the value."

Anna Tinsley: 817-390-7610, @annatinsley