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Storms produce 55 mph winds, downed power lines and delay opening of Mayfest

A strong line of severe thunderstorms producing 55 mph winds turned day into night, downed power lines and delayed the opening of Mayfest.

Mayfest spokesman Carrie Cappel said the opening was pushed back to 5 p.m. allowing vendors more time to set up after the storms passed through.

"It's just really wet out here," said Cappel. But she said visitors shouldn't have any issues as there's plenty of asphalt and sidewalks in Trinity Park.

The most serious consequence from the storm occurred earlier along Interstate 30 at Cooks Lane in east Fort Worth where downed power lines forced the closure of the interstate for more than an hour.

The Fort Worth Fire Department also received several reports of downed power lines in south Fort Worth and along Mansfield Highway in the southeast part of the city.

A tree was uprooted along West 7th Street in front of the Firestone Apartments in downtown Fort Worth.

In other parts of the county, the heavy rain caused traffic to slow to a crawl along the Airport Freeway as drivers navigated through the sudden downpours.

Oncor reported more than 5,000 power outages scattered across Tarrant County at 2 p.m. but the outages were steadily dropping..

Damage was first reported northwest of Fort Worth in Jacksboro, where law enforcement reported that signs were blown off poles on the south side of the city near the movie theater and Texas Department of Transportation office.

As the storms moved east, Johnson County Emergency Management tweeted photos of tree damage from the strong winds.

The severe storm threat has passed for Tarrant County and points westward but there could be another round of storms on Friday, when there's a 90 percent chance of rain.

Staff writers Lee Williams and Domingo Ramirez Jr. contributed to this report.

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