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Seven sets of triplets help make 2018 a year for 'multiples' at Fort Worth hospital

In the next few months if you notice more triple baby strollers, don't be shocked.

Seven sets of triplets have been born so far in 2018 at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth — four of which came in February.

There have also been 23 sets of twins on the year, including 11 in February.

"It very unusual to have so many in one month," said Dr. Bannie Tabor, a high-risk obstetrician whose group delivered all the triplets and some of the twins. "I had asked them to look up the numbers because I was kind of surprised of how many sets we actually had in February."

By comparison, the hospital — part of Arlington-based Texas Health Resources — had seven sets of triplets and 105 sets of twins in all of 2017.

Tabor, who's worked at the hospital for 26 years, gave possible explanations for the surge in "multiples."

"It's a mix of natural occurring, which is just random events, and fertility," said Tabor. "Also, a lot of people, when they have multiples, will want to deliver at our hospital because of the [neonatal intensive care unit] and the care that's provided for these premature babies."

That applies to the parents of the most recent set of triplets, born Feb. 22. After enduring two failed pregnancies, Taylor and Nick Newberry, both 31, now have three girls: Ada Jayne, Willa Gray and Georgia Reed.

"We've lost two going through this journey and infertility is not something that's highly discussed, so it's hard for people to talk about," said Taylor. "But we feel extremely blessed."

Having triplets, Nick said, "was kind of a gift because we got them all back plus one."

"It's the most powerful thing I've ever experienced," he said, in the familiar refrain of first-time parents.

As for the higher-than-usual numbers of multiples, does Tabor see a trend developing?

"It's difficult to predict because some of these deliveries were transferred in from other hospitals," he said. "So it's not like I have a firm number on what's coming in, but yeah, I think we're going to kick butt."

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