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Watch: Local televangelist, Trump spiritual adviser, says 'It's NOT flu season'

Gloria Copeland prays aloud for those who have the flu during a Facebook video.
Gloria Copeland prays aloud for those who have the flu during a Facebook video. Facebook screengrab

Tarrant County televangelist Gloria Copeland, who is also a faith adviser to President Donald Trump, says it's not flu season.

To Copeland, the wife of self-proclaimed billionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland, "the flu is not a season we have around here because Jesus bore all our sickness on the cross."

In a video posted to Facebook at the height of flu season, on Jan. 31, she said true believers should "inoculate yourself with the word of God," stopping just short of advocating against getting inoculated with an actual flu shot.

It prompted some viewers to wonder whether Copeland's stance meant that getting ill is an indication of a lack of faith.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries operates out of their church compound in Newark, near Eagle Mountain Lake. As of Wednesday morning, Gloria Copeland's video had been viewed more than 161,000 times.

She recommends in the video that believers tell themselves they won't get sick, in order to not get sick.

Meanwhile, at last count, 54 deaths in Dallas County have been attributed to flu-related illness, as have 23 more in Tarrant County.

Jaye Herndon, a Fort Worth resident whose husband Brian is in intensive care at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas after having both his feet and nine fingers amputated after complications arose from his flu and pneumonia, says her family's faith has been healing throughout the process, but also wants Brian's story to be a warning about how medically serious the flu is.

"Doctors were at a loss for a cause [in Brian's case]," Jaye Herndon said. "At those times, the only healer was God. We've talked about how God has been faithful and has some plans for Brian."

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