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Will this song inspire you to go to college?

Math teacher Thomas Mayfield is trying keep Fort Worth students focused on learning with a Hip Hop message about how college can make dreams come true.

“If you are ready to go to college, stand up an sing with us,” urge the singers in “College All Around Me,” a video by Mayfield, a fourth-grrade math teacher at the Leadership Academy at Maude Logan. He teamed up for the third year with former students in the Dunbar High School pyramid to promote higher learning through a music video.

The song is Mayfield’s educational take on the song, “Crew,” by Hip-Hop artist GoldLink. All the performing rappers are students or alumni of campuses in the Dunbar community. Students, faculty, staff and school trustee, Christene Moss, wear T-shirts in Dunbar’s trademark blue that say, “Go to College.” They are depicted singing in the school library, halls and basketball court.

“I wanted to take one of the hottest songs out right now, and lyrically show them that getting excited about college and post-secondary education is possibly one of the coolest things that you can do in life,” Mayfield said, adding that many youngsters in the Dunbar community come from families that are struggling economically.

“It’s imperative that they are able to see a positive representation of how success looks and can look with hard work and determination,” he said.

Dunbar High School principal SaJade Miller said the video has many Dunbar students who knew Mayfield in elementary school. The video celebrates community while impressing the idea that learning is a journey from elementary school to college. Miller said it is also a tribute to Robert Hughes — “a living legend” of high school basketball.

The video was dedicated to Robert Hughes — the winningest boys basketball coach in America. Hughes was inducted to the James Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in September.

“The whole entire video was dedicated to him for being a mentor, hall of famer and just all-around pillar of the Stop Six and Dunbar School Community,” Mayfield said.

This report contains material from the Star-Telegram archives.

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