Fort Worth

Fort Worth police: Protect yourself from vehicle burglaries

During the impending Christmas shopping season, Fort Worth police want to remind residents to take extra care to avoid becoming victims of vehicle burglaries.

Police often say the Christmas season is popular for burglars targeting vehicles in shopping centers and mall parking lots. In a Fort Worth Police Department news release distributed Friday, residents were reminded to Lock, Take and Hide — Lock your car, take your keys and hide your possessions.

Lock, Take and Hide crime prevention signs will appear in the next couple days in Fort Worth to proactively fight the peak vehicle burglary season.

“During this holiday shopping season, criminals will be cruising parking lots looking for vehicles that have gifts or electronics left in plain sight,” said Mark Hanna, a spokesperson for the Insurance Council of Texas. “Taking just one minute to secure your vehicle could save you a lot of time and trouble if your car is burglarized or stolen.”

Mark David Smith: 817-390-7808, @MarkSmith_FWST