Videos of what happened after Botham Jean was killed by a Dallas officer posted online

A neighbor of Botham Shem Jean — the man killed by a Dallas police officer on Thursday — says she took a video of the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

The video, which is posted on the woman’s Instagram account, shows a female police officer in the hallway of the South Side Flats, at 1210 S. Lamar Street. The woman appears to be on her phone and crying.

In a second video, a man the neighbor says is Jean, 26, is wheeled through the hallway on a gurney. There’s an EMT on top of him administering CPR. Nine people are seen in the video, including paramedics and Dallas police officers.

Dallas police said on Saturday that they cannot provide any confirmation about the content of the video.

In a tweet on Saturday night, the Dallas Police Department identified the officer as Amber Guyger. The officer was identified first by Lee Merritt, one of the attorneys hired to represent the Jean family.

Guyger’s name had also been circulating throughout social media since at least Friday

Jean, 26, was killed in his own apartment on Thursday night by an off-duty, uniformed Dallas police officer who said she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own when she got off work at about 10 p.m.

Several questions still remain — such as how the officer got into the apartment, why she thought it was hers, and if she and Jean knew each other.

On Saturday afternoon, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and state Sen. Royce West conducted a news conference. They asked for Dallas residents to be patient as they work to figure out what exactly happened Thursday night.

“Is this a white on black crime? Yes,” West said. “It was a white, female Dallas police officer who shot and killed a person from St. Lucia of African descent. Is this a race-related crime? Don’t know. I would hold any type of decision you make on what happened until all of the facts come in.”

He said the door was open and the officer was able to get inside the apartment.

“We need to find out whether there was a personal relationship,” West said. “There are so many facts that need to be looked at before determining what kind of homicide this is.”

On Friday, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall said at her request, they were working on a warrant that would charge the officer with manslaughter.

However, Hall said on Saturday that the Texas Rangers, who are now investigating the shooting, have asked that they “hold off on the warrant until they have an opportunity to investigate” some of the information that was provided to them during an interview with the officer who shot Jean. Hall didn’t elaborate.

“The ball is in their court to investigate, deliberate and come back with a decision,” she said.

According to the Dallas Police Department’s blog, Guyger shot Uvaldo Perez, 47, in 2017.

Officers from the Crime Response Team, including Guyger, went to the 8300 block of Reva Street after receiving information from undercover officers that a wanted woman was at the location. The woman was in a car with Perez and when police arrived, Perez got out of the car and confronted the officers, police said.

Perez grabbed one of the officer’s Tasers and was shot and wounded by Guyger. He was eventually charged.

Merritt said on Saturday evening that Jean’s family is upset that a warrant hasn’t been issued against Guyger.

“The warrant that seemed to be looming was withdrawn,” he said. “From everything we’ve heard, we’re not sure exactly what happened. Everyone we’ve spoke to today provides enough evidence for a charge of manslaughter ... there is likely evidence for an even stiffer penalty.”

Sara Mokuria, a co-founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality, said this is an unacceptable way for Dallas to represent itself to the world.

“We want full transparency,” she said. “We would like the name of the officer to be released publicly and we would like the district attorney to act swiftly and give us immediate charges. ... We know that there have been calls for peace, but peace does not come without justice, and so in this moment we are calling for justice.”

Merritt also denied rumors floating around social media that Jean knew the officer who killed him.

“We have nothing to substantiate those claims,” he said. “Certainly no one that has been attached to the family or any of the law enforcement officers we’ve spoken to can confirm that, in fact they say just the opposite.”

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