‘You look like you wanna do something.’ Texas parents brawl at a youth baseball game

A group of North Texas parents went viral in a video posted to social media showing them in a profanity-laced brawl at a youth baseball game that took place in mid-June.

The 7th/8th Grade D1 youth baseball game between the Plano Sports Association Monarchs and the North Texas Rangers took place on June 14 at 6 p.m., according to the PSAPlano.org website.

The incident began after the pitcher for the Rangers, Michael Zadorozny, struck out the Monarchs’ last batter to seal the team’s win in Plano Sports Authority championship game, according to his father Mike Zadorozny’s Facebook post.

“This team has a history of running their mouths,” Zadorozny said. “But these kids are 13 and 14 years old. So this is a real rarity.”

He said after the Rangers were down 4-3 for most of the game, took the lead late to go up 6-4 and eventually went on to win.

“When my son (Michael) struck out the last hitter one of the parents from our team said, ‘Hey second place ain’t bad,’” Zadorozny said. “That set off one of their coaches who literally runs around the fence.”

The video shows a man, who Zadorozny said is an assistant coach for the Monarchs, saying to the parent off camera, “You look like you wanna do something. Come here. Come here.”

The man runs around the gate from the baseball field to the stands where he begins to engage the parent with several kicks, the video shows.

As the two men become entangled, another man in a red shirt runs in to break up the fight while another woman pulls out her phone and yells a profanity, the video shows.

Next, the video cuts to people yelling, “The police is coming, the police is coming!” followed by the man in the red shirt finally separating the two men, the video shows.

In the video, people off camera continue to ask for the police to come and arrest the parents for fighting, while others in the crowd exchange words, spewing more profanities. The video ends with Zadorozny following the assistant coach with camera as he goes back onto the field and walks out of view of the camera.

Pam Zadorozny, his wife, called the Plano Police Department and gave a description of the assistant coach.

“I started calling 911,” she said. “When I talked to the police that night they said, ‘No. We have him. He tried to leave but we have him.’ I talked to our parent (the man involved in the altercation in the video) and asked him if he was OK and he said no. He literally had a bruise on his forehead for I don’t know how many days.”

The parent decided against pressing charges at the game that night, but went back to the Plano police the next day to formally press charges, she said. She said that when Plano police reviewed the video they concluded that blame was mutual.

“That man never broke his stride. He was coming. He was gonna take our parent down,” Pam Zadorozny said. “So yes. Our parent put his hands up and tried to stop him from coming. I couldn’t believe that it was a 50/50 fight. Still the part that angers me is that the cops won’t charge him.”

Calls to the Plano Police Department about the incident by the Star-Telegram have not been returned.

Zadorozny’s son, Michael, said the players on the field weren’t sure what was happening at the time. He added that the parent’s son is still unhappy about how the situation unfolded.

“It was pretty childish and I think he should’ve just walked away,” said Michael Zadorozny. “I’m good friends with the parent’s (involved in the altercation) kid. We were talking about it today and that kid wants that guy in jail. He doesn’t want that guy ever on a PSA baseball field ever again.”

Calls to the PSA Plano organization about the incident by the Star-Telegram have not been returned.

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